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Sessions available via Zoom, Skype, Facetime and phone.

During the COVID-19 crisis, you may be dealing with a great deal of stress, anxiety, loss, major change to daily life, work roles and possibly managing self isolation. You might prefer to consider more practical sessions where we can look at:

  • Some simple information on how stress happens in your body, and
  • Learn some tools and techniques that can help in responding to and
  • reducing to the symptoms of anxiety and stress
If this sounds useful or interesting please go to my well-being work page.

I’ve trained as a psychotherapist and have been working since 2006. I’ve done additional training in areas such as trauma, neuroscience, use of mindfulness, breath work and more.

My original training was psychodynamic, which is simply a way of looking for and undoing patterns we may not be aware we’ve developed and learnt, often in childhood. My second training was integrative, which means that I use a variety of psychological tools and respond a bit differently to different people.

Every one of us is unique, so each time I work with someone the work we do together is unique.

My road to being a therapist continues to be one full of learning and wonder. I feel privileged to be part of peoples’ journeys. The work I share with clients is collaborative. I hold in my mind the belief that we all know how to be well. Talking therapy can be part of how we find our very individual way of being ‘well’ in the world, and in our connection to ourselves, our environment and others.

The work we do in therapy is a joint exercise, we collaborate, I offer the space, the support, insights and ideas. But you do the really hard work, the feeling, the exploring and rooting around and often the hardest and sometimes scariest part of all – taking risks, doing things differently and making space for new ways of being.

You’ll see lots of lists of the ‘issues’ therapists work with on websites like this one. I’m not going to write a list of the mental and emotional anguish we can experience as humans, or the painful things we experience in relationships, in our families, in our identities, in our society. I work with the human experience, grief, sadness, panic, rage, loss of hope and all the other states of mind, body and day to day life that bring us to seek ‘help’, are universal, we all suffer.

All are welcome, all states, all feelings, all stories, all fears.

I will add that this is a safe space for all from the LGBTQ+ community, that difference, identity, gender, race, disability, religion and class can all be brought here, explored and thought about with impunity.

“I was able to optimise Jessica’s reasoned insights and feedback to create a life where I feel confident to understand my own feelings, manage boundaries, make space for myself and ultimately reliably have good mental health”

” I first started working with Jessica I was greatly struggling to find a way to cope with depression, anxiety and suicidal feelings. I found it difficult to imagine a way forward and wouldn’t have believed I could journey this far. Over time Jessica helped me reframe my difficulties as a natural response to traumatic experiences and develop new, healthier strategies. Jessica supported me through several crises. I would not hesitate in recommending working with her”


Session length:

Talking therapy sessions are weekly and last for 50 minutes.

How many sessions:

This depends on you. We can work for just a few sessions or open ended and longer term. Again we can discuss this before we start work together and review during our work together.


Each 50 minute talking therapy session is £70.00.

Starting work:

For talking therapy: I usually email out some information, especially if you have a few practical questions, such as availability. Then I arrange to speak with you briefly (10 – 15 minutes) on the phone. If it feels useful to meet, we will arrange to meet for a one off session, where I would ask some questions about you, your past, your current life situation, and what you’d like to gain from sessions, and you can ask me any questions. We can also look at what ways of working would be useful, interesting and most beneficial to you. This can be reviewed during sessions at any time.

After the one off meeting I then suggest we take a few days to consider if working together would feel like a good move forwards, and arrange a first session if this is the case for us both.


I am located about 10/12 minutes from West Hampstead tube, Thameslink and Overground stations as well as only few minutes walk from Kilburn High Road. Skype sessions are also available.


There are several flights of stairs and unfortunately no lift to the room where I work.

Remote sessions:

Sessions also available via Zoom, Skype, Facetime and phone.

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