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I have been supervising and consulting with professionals since 2011. I have supported professionals in many different roles, from psychotherapists to actors, nurses to alternative health practitioners. I offer both one to one and group sessions.

I also offer specific consultation space to mindfulness practitioners who wish to make their offerings more accessible to those who have experienced trauma, identify as neurodivergent, or experience chronic pain.

The space and what we can use it for:

– An open and honest dialogue about your work, your clients, your colleagues, the space you work in and you.

– We can apply psychodynamic, attachment-based, integrative, humanistic, mindfulness-based and/or neurobiological thinking about your work, the relationships, meaning, useful actions to take, as well as self-care that may be needed for you as practitioner. We can explore client issues, relational issues, boundaries in the work, safeguarding and mental health concerns, difference and diversity, social and societal issues and their impact ++

– I can teach you how to apply neuroscientific thinking around trauma, stress and anxiety states to your work, or simply to develop your own understanding of these ideas. I am trained in both polyvagal theory application, as well as many neurobiological and somatic perspectives of trauma, distress and anxiety. I can offer insight and guidance on incorporating these ideas into your practice gently, whilst holding your core theoretical approach in mind.

– Self-care and understanding the impact of your work, is of very great importance to me. We often discount the impact working in care and supportive roles, management roles, creative and dramatic roles may have on our well-being. Now more than ever, those who support, care for, teach and lead others need to be as well resourced, nourished and cared for themselves as is possible. I offer neurobiologically informed ideas, tools and thinking to aid in this.

– This space is for therapists, coaches, mindfulness and other well being facilitators, mental health and health workers, artists, performers, managers and teachers.

– This is a space where you can explore how the neurobiology of wellbeing, mental health and connectedness can inform your work. Helping to make spaces more accessible to all, to be trauma informed and neurodivergent friendly. As well as give thought to how you receive human beings into your professional spaces and give them experiences that are truly inclusive, thoughtful and accessible.

– The space I offer is grounded in my belief, that being able to explore our own and others differences is vital to good practice. I welcome and make room for exploration of how class, race, LGBTQIA+, cultural identity, gender, religion, spirituality, neurodiversity, disability, health and wealth status shape and impact who we are, how we feel and how we experience the world around us. I am particularly keen on aiding professionals in giving thought to how they can make their practice accessible to those who identify as neurodivergent and/or disabled.

I offer the experience and knowledge I’ve gained in both:

– My years of work in mental health and trauma settings, the UK charities sector, the NHS, teaching both privately and in University settings, running groups, setting up counselling services ++ As well as being an educator that strives to create fun, accessible, inclusive novel learning environments and experiences.

– My training and CPD in counselling, psychotherapy, clinical supervision, mindfulness facilitations, the use of improv for wellbeing, somatic movement, the neurobiology of trauma, anxiety and stress, LGBTQIA+, gender, group work, neuroscience/trauma informed informed breathwork and mindfulness, adult and childhood trauma, neurodivergence and neurodevelopmental conditions, wide ranging mental health issues and diagnosis, race, difference, disability and diversity ++ for qualifications please see here:

This is an LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, disability, race, culture, class, religion and gender affirmative space, where everyone is welcome, and where I too am committed to my own on-going learning, self reflection and development.

I offer regular on-going clinical supervision and reflective practice sessions, I also offer ad hoc or one off consultation sessions – these can be useful if you would like to explore overarching aspects of being neurodivergent aware, bringing neurobiologically/polyvagal informed practice; or look at how your work impacts you from this perspective and how to better manage your own self care.

I also offer ad hoc or one offer consultations to organisations/management teams who would like to make their work spaces more accessible to neurodivergent people.

Please contact me for availability, or to discuss any organisational need for staff groups. All sessions are available via video conference call or internet phone call only.


“We’d also like to thank you for what then turned out to be an invaluable reflective practice session, benefitting form your personal and professional insight into TCM and counselling” – Maya Centre staff member

“Jessica was my first supervisor, and I found her an immense support as I was just starting out in placement. Her, caring, intellectually rigorous, practical and open approach to supervision helped build my confidence, and I still frequently refer back to things I learnt from her during that time.” – Zoe, Women and Health, Counsellor

Jessica has provided outstanding support to me over several years.  I found Jessica a truly empathic listener but her insightfulness helped me to reflect and consider matters within myself, she helped me to view things from a different perspective which was profoundly valuable. She supported me as I had learnt some valuable lessons in a non-judgmental but open manner and built my self esteem to allow me to continue learning. Ultimately, she helped me to find the confidence within myself to achieve things I had long dreamed of.” – Sally, women and Health Counsellor

You can find me listed here

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