Mindfulness – Movement – Breathwork

I offer unique well-being sessions for individuals and to groups within organisations. These are created to improve mental health, reduce anxiety and encourage the practice of tools that aid in the management of stress.

Sessions are geared to help you develop practical skills to better manage this stressful world we are living in. Mindfulness, Movement and Breathwork are combined in new and neuroscience informed ways to respond to your need.

Incorporating mindfulness, movement and breathwork in the way I do, is unique, it is informed by my many years of training in psychotherapy, trauma and the neurobiology of stress and anxiety. The way I combine movement, breath work and mindfulness both online and in nature, is not prescriptive, but is personalised and responsive to you and your groups needs.

I will always interject little pieces of information about the neurobiology of the tools I teach, of anxiety and other stress states, so that learning is an integral and empowering part of the sessions.

The sessions are delivered online internationally and outdoors around Mürzzuschlag, Austria.