Mindfulness – Movement – Breathwork

I offer well-being sessions for individuals and to groups within organisations. These are created to improve mental health and reduce anxiety.  Sessions are geared to help you develop practical skills to better manage this stressful world we are living in. Mindfulness, Movement and Breathwork are combined in new and neuroscience informed ways to respond to your need.

What I teach is not prescriptive, its personalised and responsive to you.  The sessions I now offer are informed by my many years of training in psychotherapy, trauma, the neurobiology of stress and anxiety, movement and breath work, mindfulness and nature based mindfulness.

The sessions are delivered online internationally and outdoors around Mürzzuschlag, Austria.

What the sessions can include:

Movement – based on neuroscience research, I teach simple movements that when practiced regularly can aid in improving stress levels, reduce anxiety and develop some strength and ease in your nervous system.

Breathing – also neuroscience informed, I teach a range of breathing techniques that can aid in managing anxiety, reduce stress levels, interrupt overthinking, shut down and disconnection. When practiced regularly, breathwork can improve overall health and our nervous system’s health, so we can better manage stress.

Mindfulness – I teach mindfulness in ways I hope will feel really accessible, easy to incorporate into your everyday life, with realistic and simple tools to develop mindful and self-compassionate skill. Many people say they “cant do mindfulness”, I believe this is often due to the way they are trying to learn it. I offer a personalised approach, that is informed by years of working as a psychotherapist and teacher.

If you’ve tried and felt you have struggled or ‘failed’ at meditation or mindfulness, allow me to use my years of experience and alternative approaches to learning to aid you in accessing these wonderful tools.

Outdoor Mindfulness – all of the above can be delivered in the beautiful nature of Styria, in Austria. Nature is a great healer! Large bodies of research show how much even small amounts of intentional time spent in nature can be of benefit to our mental and nervous system health.

Supervision – I also offer supervision and consultation sessions to professionals. These sessions can be one-off or ongoing, used to gain insight into client work, apply neurobiological understanding to one’s work, or to think about self-care.

Take a look at the different aspects of well-being work I offer, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Movement. I deliver private one to one sessions, or group sessions for staff and community groups. I also create well-being video content. Just contact me if you are interested in group or video sessions.