Neuroscience Informed WellBeing

I offer unique neuroscience informed work for individuals, groups and organisations.

The work is geared to helping develop practical, meaningful and really useable skills to better manage this stressful world we are all living and working in.

The one to one counselling and mindful mentoring, neurodiversity offerings, consultation and training I offer, where neuroscience, somatic and mindfulness informed practices are incorporated, is a truly unique and novel way of working.

It is informed by my many years of training in counselling, psychotherapy, nervous system regulation, trauma, mindfulness and other neurobiology focused theories of mental and emotional wellbeing. The way I work is not prescriptive, but is personalised and responsive to your need, I create spaces where the science of how our bodies and brains function under stress, after trauma and when we have differing neurotypes is woven thoughtfully and gently into all my work.

My intention is to empower the people I work with, to explore practices and ideas that aid mental health, reduce anxiety and encourage the learning of tools and hacks, that have a real and positive impact on the management of stress.

I feel strongly that everyone has a right to better understand how their brain, body and emotional well being function, what impacts this and how to find deeper wellbeing, ease, aliveness and connection.

In my consultation work I teach and supervise those working in mental health, creative and care roles to incorporate somatic and neurobiological ideas into their current practice. As well as have space to reflect on the work they do in a creative and open space. I also offer spaces out to look specifically at how we can make our work more inclusive and accessible to neurodivergent clients and staff.

I will always interject information about the neurobiology of the tools I teach, of anxiety and other stress states, that learning is an integral and empowering part my offerings.

It is of particular importance to me to be always working towards making my work as accessible, affordable and inclusive as I can. I make welcome all those who have experienced trauma, mental health issues and/or identify as neurodivergent or disabled in any way. My spaces are LGBTQIA+ affirmative, anti-racist/classist/abelist and I aim to make all my offerings as accessible as possible. Neurodivergence, disability and all forms of difference and capacity will be given space and responded to thoughtfully.

All my work is delivered online via video conferencing, training can also be via online learning platforms.

You can contact me to book sessions or ask questions here

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