Offerings for Organisations

I deliver well being workshops and trainings, as well as create online learning experiences for your staff, students and clients. I teach people about the neuroscience of being well, of how stress works, and what simple actions we can take and incorporate into our daily lives to decrease dis-stress, and encourage deeper levels of well-being.

I also offer consultations to organisations/management teams who would like to make their work spaces more accessible to neurodivergent people. For more information about this, see here.

Fatigue, anxiety and wide ranging mental health issues are impacting so many of us in these strange and difficult times we are living through, my work offers an opportunity to look at what’s happening in our brains and bodies and how to ease some of the impact. Organisations can offer this input to better take care of those who work, study and access their services.

The sessions and trainings are geared to decreasing levels of anxiety and stress, teaching easy to use tools and hacks that can be taken into day to day life, into work, time on screens/video conferencing, and incorporated with ease. Both the live workshops and trainings, as well online learning can be personalised to the needs of your staff, students or clients.

What staff well-being workshops can include:

How does stress manifest in the body and brain, how does your nervous system function when stressed and what can impact this both positively and negatively, why breathing, moving and practicing some mindfulness can aid your well being and how to do these things in ways that feel realistic and possible in our busy lives. I use info sharing, mindfulness, movement and breathwork that is all neuroscience informed int this work.

What staff training can include:

I offer training in the use of polyvagal theory and other neuroscience informed and somatic approaches. This is done in an experiential style and often for those who wish to incorporate these theories into well-being, therapeutic or performance art work. I train therapists and other mental health professionals in trauma informed work from a somatic and neurobiological perspective, as well as making work spaces more accessible to neurodivergent people.

I create manuals and training packages that your staff can deliver as therapeutic and life skills workshops to your clients. Such as psycho-education training for trauma survivors, managing anxiety, building healthy relationships, or working with ND people ++ these manuals are extensive, and include are necessary training materials, guides and PowerPoints. I can offer additional training for your staff to feel confident to deliver said trainings and workshops.

I also offer consultations on how to make your organisation, adult learning environments, therapy and well-being work more neurodivergent friendly.

All sessions can be personalised, responsive to your organisations needs and aims. They can be one-off, part of a series, or offered as online learning, which would include access to high quality video, audio, text and journalling activities.

What prerecorded trainings can include:

I create pre-recorded trainings that have easy to access video, audio and written content for self reflective learning. The subjects of these include things such as: the healthy use of video conferencing, self care for staff, this can be short or more extensive ++

Please make contact with me with any questions, individualised options and for pricing and availability.

Some examples of organisations that have enjoyed trainings for their staff:

The Maya Centre, providing counselling to women in London

The Brixton Department Store, offering a members club to local people in Brixton

Squires and Partners Ltd, an Architects and Design firm

Intercultural Roots, offering grass roots well-being work globally

Bruford College, a UK based drama college

Women and Health, providing counselling and well being sessions to women in London

Central School of Speech and Drama, a Uk based drama college

Brunel University, UK

HUD People Ltd, providing therapeutic, trauma focused interventions to organisation’s and companies in London

Some feedback examples:

“Thank you so much for a wonderful session, beautifully paced, communicating with us on cognitive, emotional and somatic levels with great empathy! I am really excited to see how we can embed better somatic/self care practices into our work at TMC.” Emma – CEO The Maya Centre

“Loved the playful way new ideas were introduced, I learnt a lot today about how stress lives in my body adn affects how I function on a day to day basis, I really enjoyed all the new tools and ideas about how I could take care of myself in the moment!” Paula – Brixton Dept Store, member

“I entered the workshop to find some tools to help others, I feel that I’ve done this, but also learnt some really useful tools for myself” Bruford College – Staff member

“Jessica has extensive knowledge in the field of sexual violence, trauma and disclosure, and used this effectively and appropriately to underpin the sessions, support the participants and respond to complex questions. Some participants expressed views that were challenging, Jessica dealt with these in a sensitive an open manner, participants responded well to her style and spoke extremely positively about the sessions and experiences in their feedback” Dr Anne Chapell – Divisional Lead, Dept of Education, Brunel University UK

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