Offerings for Organisations

I deliver well being workshops and trainings, as well as create online learning experiences for your staff, students and clients. I teach people about the neuroscience of being well, of how stress works, and what simple actions we can take and incorporate into our daily lives to decrease dis-stress, and encourage deeper levels of well-being.

Fatigue, anxiety and wide ranging mental health issues are impacting so many of us in these strange and difficult times we are living through, my work offers an opportunity to look at what’s happening in our brains and bodies and how to ease some of the impact. Organisations can offer this input to better take care of those who work, study and access their services.

The sessions and trainings are geared to decreasing levels of anxiety and stress, teaching easy to use tools and hacks that can be taken into day to day life, into work, time on screens/video conferencing, and incorporated with ease. Both the live workshops and trainings, as well online learning can be personalised to the needs of your staff, students or clients.

I have been creating trainings, university degree modules, workshops and group content since 2003. My train the trainer, psychotherapy, group work and my friendly, direct and fun way of communicating ideas has all informed both my facilitator style, as well as the responsive and personalised content I create. I believe the science of stress and distress and the tools to ease these things should be accessible to all.

Sessions can be aimed at specific issues, to develop tools for specific areas of difficulty, such as becoming more trauma informed, looking at anxiety reduction, tools for building more capacity to manage stress, looking at self care, or maybe at healthier ways to use video conferencing for meetings or learning.

I will always interject little pieces of information about the neurobiology of the tools I teach, of anxiety and other stress states, so that learning is an integral and empowering part of the experience.

What sessions can include:

Information such as – how does stress manifest in the body and brain, how does your nervous system function when stressed and what can impact this both positively and negatively, why breathing, moving and practicing some mindfulness can aid your well being and how to do these things in ways that feel realistic and possible in our busy lives. Knowing how neuroscience can inform our mental and emotional health and hacks that can reverse our stress states, even briefly, empowers us to take charge of our own sense of feeling safe, connected, engaged and a bit more ok!

I also teach those in the mental health professions about polyvagal theory, so that work can become more sensitively trauma informed, and the whole person can be attended to holistically. Somatic and polyvagal informed self care for carers is an additional offering for those in these professions.

Breathing – Neuroscience informed, I teach a range of breathing techniques that can aid in increased focus and engagement, reducing stress levels, interrupting overthinking, shut down and disconnection. When practiced regularly, breathwork can improve overall health and our nervous system’s health, so we can better manage stress and live our full potential.

Breathing is the remote control to the brain, changing how you breath is the quickest way to change your state of mind.

My experience of breathwork is varied, from yoga pranayama, Wim Hof, trauma focused, anxiety management techniques and many more.

Mindfulness – Many people say they “cant do mindfulness”, I believe this is often due to the way they are trying to learn it. I offer a personalised approach, that is informed by years of working as a psychotherapist and teacher. I teach mindfulness in ways I think will feel really accessible, easy to incorporate into your everyday life, with realistic and simple tools to develop mindful and self-compassionate skill.

Mindfulness is simply being present, in this moment, with as little judgment and as much compassion as possible. Using both my learning as mindfulness teacher as well as movement and breathwork, I can aid in developing mindful tools that can be truly beneficial to your staff and clients.

Movement – based on neuroscience research, I teach simple movements that when practiced regularly can aid in improving stress levels, reduce anxiety and develop some strength and ease in the nervous system.

Types of movement work I am informed by: Hatha and Yin yoga, Somatic movement, Qigong, Feldenkrais ++

Sessions/Training – Can be created to respond specifically to your students, staff or clients needs. My work as a psychotherapist allows me to offer trauma informed and mental health aware sessions to those with recovery needs. I will make any mindfulness accessible to any neurodivergent group members. I run self care, stress management, safe screen/video conferencing use sessions for staff and students. I also run polyvagal/trauma awareness training for mental health, care, support and therapeutically trained staff.

All sessions can be personalised, responsive to your organisations needs and aims. They can be one-off, part of a series, or offered as online learning, which would include access to high quality video, audio, text and journalling activities.

Please make contact with me with any questions, individualised options and for pricing and availability.