About Me

My name is Jessica Calvo Andexer.

The bear, for me symbolises warmth, strength, joy in pleasure, self care in rest and courage to take space in the world.

To ‘bear in mind’ is to be in the now, to be present with all that is, to hold ourselves in mind with care and compassion.

I trained first as a psychodynamic counsellor and later as an integrative psychotherapist. Before and during my training I worked in mental health settings.

My training, my own personal therapy and my work with clients led me to develop a passion for holistic approaches to well-being. I see the place of talking therapy, as a reflective, exploratory and relational space to understand oneself, and to make some change.

However, in my work and personal development I began to realise we are more than just our narratives. We are bodies, that breathe and move.

I became deeply interested in the new neuroscience movement in mental health, in new ways to understand how our experiences live in our bodies, in our breathing patterns, guts, heart rates, and especially in our nervous systems.

I began training with people like Bessel Van Der Kolk, Dan Siegel, Deb Dana, David Trelevan, Ben Woolf, Stephen Porges.

I saw in both, myself and many of my clients, how the pain, trauma or stress we live through stays stuck in our brains and bodies as patterns.

Training in the therapeutic application of mindfulness, breathwork and movement work led me to work far more holistically. I also became dedicated to incorporating all I was learning into my own day to day life. My own health had worsened over the years, an auto-immune condition amongst other issues led me on a journey of discovery that helped me to create the work I now do. It also led me to leave London, and talking therapy work, and come to live in the Austrian mountains.

For me, breathwork, mindfulness and movement are ways in which I have and continue to develop presence, well-being, resilience in the face of my own stresses and the ones we are all living through.

In my practice I have found solace, joy, honesty, a capacity for self-compassion and a very real and responsive relationship with my own body and mind.

My personal work allows me some space to respond with care and interest to both myself, others and the natural environment.

I offer my well-being sessions as a way to give back some of what I have learnt.



Jessica Andexer

I am fully qualified in Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Integrative Psychotherapy, Mindfulness teaching, Energy Psychotherapy, Master Practitioner in trauma work and Supervision.

I am trained to level 2 as a Reiki practitioner.

I have extensive and on-going training  and CPD  in wide ranging areas such as:

Mental health issues, delivering Training, Breathwork, Somatic Movement, Qi Gong, Breathing for Health, Group work, Neuroscience of trauma and anxiety, Gender and LGBT+, Relationship styles and attachment theory, Yoga theory and Breathing techniques ++

I am fully insured and am accredited with the BACP.