About Me

My name is Jessica Calvo Andexer, I work with individuals in a variety of ways, both one to one and in groups. I also offer clinical supervision, training and service guidance to professionals and organisations.

My intention in my work is to make space for movement, learning and growth – allowing room for mistakes, for spontaneity and play.

The bear, for me symbolises warmth, strength, joy in pleasure, self care in rest and courage to take space in the world. To ‘bear in mind’ is to be in the now, to be present with all that is, to hold ourselves in mind with care and compassion.

The hope is to become ‘well’, which for me is to be able to be with all that we are, all that we have experienced. To seek real and meaningful connection – to ourselves, to our environments and to one another.

My own journey has been long, and riddled with bumps and wrong turns. I began my recovery and learning journey in talking therapy, and then in psychotherapy training. Gaining insight into my relational style, my blocks and my patterns. I moved forwards. I then became more aware of my body, it was struggling, it was unwell, it was in pain, sometimes it was fearful and sometimes it was disconnected. I found yoga, somatics, breathwork and mindfulness. I found ways to recover from and sometimes live well with pains; both physical and emotional.

I came to understand how my mind and body were one, how I could alter one by working on the other. I continue to learn and train in the field of somatics and working with mind body connections.

Through my mindfulness journey I found something that for me contained both mind and body: spirit. It’s a contentious word, one with a thousand meanings. For me it is the energy that connects all things, that flows through me, my cells and yours. This spiritual connection has allowed me to develop more compassion, more connection, more hope. Even in the face of all that we can see around us, sometimes inside of us.

I trained in Reiki initially as a self care tool, then later it became part of my offering in my work. My work encompasses my own journey of recovery and growth.

I offer all or aspects of what I have learnt, as little or as much as feels relevant, needed and interesting for you, for your organisation, for your work.

Working with clients

My work is informed by current neuroscience research. This means applying an understanding of how our experiences in the world shape our thoughts, beliefs, patterns of behaviour and how our bodies, nervous systems, digestion, heart rates and our very breath is impacted.
I embed this understanding in how I respond to you, and what I offer you in both talking therapy and resilience building work, body and breath work.
I hold that our minds, bodies, emotional and energetic selves are not disconnected separate systems, but interconnected and impacting one another all the time.
Often this happens outside of our awareness and in ways that cause us distress and disrupt our ability to feel well, connected and able to live our lives fully. My intention is to work with you to find ways to understand and end that disconnection.
My hope is that you will find more connection to the whole of who you are, that this will then bring you closer to the relationships, states of mind and life that you hope to be living.

Working with professionals

As a Psychotherapist with  experience working in the NHS, in Universities, the voluntary sector and in private practice since 2006, I bring a wealth of knowledge to any training or supervision I deliver.
Prior to my work as a therapist I worked in mental health, drug and alcohol, disability and advice services across London from 2000 onwards.
I have set up counselling services, taught at Universities, developed training programmes in wide ranging subjects, both as a private trainer – seeing gaps in what professionals might need – as well as bespoke trainings.  You can find more info in the training section.
I also offer practice guidance and can create guidelines and policies for counselling and other similar services.
My approach is responsive, friendly and informative. I love finding ways to make your work feel better informed and reflective, in safe, comfortable and open settings.


I am fully qualified in Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Integrative Psychotherapy, Mindfulness teaching, Energy Psychotherapy, Master Practitioner in trauma work, Supervision training. I am trained to level 2 as a Reiki practitioner.
I have extensive and on-going training in wide ranging areas such as:
Mental health issues, Delivering Training, Gestalt techniques, Breathwork, Group work techniques, Neuroscience of trauma and anxiety, Gender and LGBT+, Sexual and domestic violence, Relationship styles and attachment theory, Yoga theory and Breathing techniques ++
I am also going to be training in Somatic Exercise Coaching in 2020/21.
I am fully insured and am accredited with the BACP.
For more extensive details of my work history and qualifications please take a look at my LinkedIn.