– All work is currently online, via zoom, facetime or online learning platforms

For well being sessions and trainings involving Mindfulness, Movement and Breathwork:

– You will need space to lay and sit down comfortably, warmly and privately.

– Space needed for movement will need to be big enough for you to move your arms freely around your standing and laying body.

– Imagine drawing a circle with your arms in all directions, standing, sitting and laying down, that’s the space you’ll need. Blankets and pillows may also be needed.

– Sessions can booked as one offs, or booked in fortnightly, monthly or ad hoc, dependent on your need.

– Before a first session I will send a list of questions so we can make sure the session is one that can best suit your needs. I may also arrange a brief phone call if there are any more complex needs.

For organisations: Trainings and sessions can also be booked as one off workshops, as a series aimed at specific issues, to develop tools for specific areas of difficulty, such as trauma informed, anxiety reduction, managing fight, flight and freeze responses, tools for building more capacity to manage stress, accessing nature based mindfulness ++

Online courses for staff or clients to access in their own time can also be offered. Course topics can include: Staff/client well-being, Staff/client self care, Using video conferencing safely and with emotional health in mind. Accessing nature based mindfulness ++ All online training includes access to video, audio, test as well as many journalling opportunities.

Please contact me for bespoke live or online trainings for your staff or clients.


For organisation pricing please contact me.

For one to one well-being 60 minute sessions fee £80

For one to one supervision or consultation 60 minutes fee £80 please contact me for group fees.