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For – Mind, Body, Soul

Sessions available via Zoom, Skype, Facetime and phone.

These sessions are intended to help you learn about how stress and anxiety works in your body and mind and how to build real skills to feel more resilient to stress and anxiety.

In this work, I use my training as a psychotherapist, as well as my knowledge of the neuroscience of trauma, stress and anxiety to build strategies that are more movement, breath and mindfulness based, rather than just sitting and talking. The whole of who you are can be attended to.
These sessions are more structured than talking therapy and take the form of a 3-part 90 minute session in person or 60 minutes via Zoom.

If you prefer the well being sessions can be run as simply stress resilience building and would then cover psycho-education, body and breathwork and some mindfulness, we would leave off the Reiki. Zoom session will also not include Reiki (adequate WiFi and a computer or tablet (not phone) are required).


Part One: Mind

In the first part of the session I will offer some psycho education on the nervous system, brain-body connections and how these impacts mood, stress management and anxiety levels. Psycho-education refers to learning about your psyche, your mind. I will give you insights into how your brain and body work, that are relevant and easy to understand.

Part Two: Body –

Movement and breath work strategies will be taught, to strengthen parts of the nervous system responsible for stress responses, we will end this section of the session with a mindfulness meditation, where you will be led through a mindfulness practice.

Part Three: Soul –

The mindfulness session culminates in a floor based Reiki session.

Reiki is

A gentle hands on or hands off treatment.
Put simply Reiki is a meditation practice that cultivates an awareness of the energy that permeates everything and everyone.
Rei = Soul or spirit
Ki = The Japanese word for chi or prana in yoga, it is the energy that gives us life, that connects all living matter, it is our life force.

The Reiki treatment simply makes space for this energy to flow through you with more ease, often aiding the release of tension, a sense of stuckness and pain that we may be holding onto.
I am trained as a level 2 Reiki Practitioner, my training was with Brighitta Moser-Clark, who trained with Torsten Lange.

“Reiki comes from within you, the greatest part of you, the part that remembers not only where you came from, but what you are right now. You are powerful. You are whole. You are connected. You are a great bright light” – Brighitta Moser-Clark

This type of work can be particularly useful if you struggle with anxiety, panic, a lack of feeling connected to yourself, others, the environment. It can also be useful of you feel easily overwhelmed and/or are experiencing stress at higher levels than you feel is manageable and/or is warranted.
It will involve you making time to develop daily practice of the techniques we explore that feel most useful for you.

“With a grounding in neuroscience to quell the sceptical scientist in me, Jessica gently challenged my barriers to exploring new methods and introduced me to resources that continue to support me today – from yoga and breathing techniques to self expression through art and creativity. Jessica is a very skilful practitioner who always treated me with sensitivity, care and compassion”

“I would feel comfortable in recommending Jessica to others as I know she comfortably adjusts her approach to accommodate many different areas of mental health challenge and has a wide knowledge of the theory behind the therapies”


Session Length in person: Well-Being sessions last for 90 minutes and can be weekly, fortnightly or less often.

Session Length via Zoom: Well-Being sessions last for 60 minutes and can be weekly, fortnightly or less often.

How many sessions: A good place to start with the well being sessions is to look at doing 3-4, more can be booked in as and when needed. 

Investment: £120 per 90 minute and £80 per 60 minute session

Starting work: After you make contact with me, I will email out some information, and we can look at availability, I will also email out a few brief questions so the sessions can be tailored to you. We can then arrange a brief phone call and we can move forwards from there.

Location: I am located about 10/12 minutes from West Hampstead tube, Thameslink and Overground stations as well as only few minutes walk from Kilburn High Road. Skype sessions can be available if the right equipment and space is available to you, contact me to discuss this option.

Accessibility: There are several flights of stairs and unfortunately no lift to the room where I work.

Remote sessions: Sessions also available via Zoom, Skype, Facetime and phone.

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