Something a little bit different – Neuroscience informed ways to manage the stress of lockdown pt 2

I’ve written previously on how we need to find ways to respond to how we feel, right now, not just squish prescriptive self care stuff onto ourselves, then wonder why it’s not working.
I’d like to offer a few more suggestions. Some things we can do when the stress and distress of our shared global situation feels like it isn’t manageable anymore. We all have these moments!
I will restate that feeling anxious, angry and hopeless are totally normal. These feelings will come and go.
However, we can offer ourselves some comfort and release, find spaces and moments of respite and calm. But try not to put pressure on yourself to be ‘coping well’ or compare yourself to others on TikTok or Insta who appear to be thriving and stress free. 
Here are some super quick actions that can take us out of a moment of distress, disconnection or disgruntlement –

Try this one if your minds racing and worried – Reach out at waist height (belly button height) with your dominant hand (the one you write with). Have your hand in a pretend holding a pen configuration. From right to left, out in front of your body, start drawing a line. 
The width of the line will be a little wider than your shoulders. Draw this line at SUPER Slow speed.
Do it again.
Now try thinking fast worried thoughts while doing it.

If you’re feeling disconnected try this-
Copy a dog. They haven’t forgotten how to reset and restart their nervous system.
Stretch, arms up above the head, really pull and do a slow squirm, like a little kid – be gentle no hurting yourself!
Yawn, have a few go’s until it feels real.
Shake; feet shoulders width apart, knees bent, gently bounce, without locking out the knees, bounce so you feel it reverberating up into your torso, belly, shoulders and arms, maybe even your face. Shake gently for a minute or two.
Repeat. In any order, Yawn, shake, stretch.
Do it any time you need a quick reset.

Check out my quick nervous system reset here
If you want to know a bit more about the work I do check me out

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