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Building Resilience Workshops – 

I have been delivering workshops since 2001. These have been in really wide ranging subjects and to very varied audiences.

Out of my work as a therapist, especially in my work with trauma and anxiety, I have developed neuroscience informed workshop content that is really unique.

It combines research informed techniques of breathwork, movement and mindfulness that allow individuals to:

  • Build resilience to stress and anxiety
  • Better manage major life events that may leave us feeling shaky, disconnected or distressed
  • Build ‘vagal tone’, the nerve that, if strong, allows us to return quickly to a state of calm after stressful experiences
  • Assist in the recovery of traumatic events, whether recent or in the distant past
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how our bodies respond to stress and trauma and how we can take control of this process
  • Each participant will leave any workshop(s) with real tools and skills  to continue their personal resilience building work

These workshops are for anyone, for staff who work in caring professions, for people who struggle with stress and/or anxiety, for those recovering from trauma. I can adjust and modify workshops to suit different groups.

My approach to workshops is to offer spaces where new ideas are delivered in easy to understand ways, where not understanding and asking questions feels safe.

We will ‘do’ lots, so that we don’t just hear about new ideas, but have a go at trying things out and learning by experiencing.

In a workshop we become briefly part of a group, and in doing so we learn not only from the facilitator but also from each other. So every workshop is different, shaped as much by me and what I teach as by you and what you bring to share. Even in just bringing yourself, you make the group come to life by your very presence, and everyone’s learning is made unique by that fact.

Feedback from previous attenders:

“No judgement from others when views were controversial (understanding that we are all here to learn). Jessica was really great – felt she led this really well!”

“Neuroscienctific understandings explained in a really accessible way. A very open and welcoming approach to any questions or comments”

“I really loved the relaxation and tips on how to use movement to reset the nervous system”

Mindfulness for staff –

I also offer mindfulness in the workplace. These are also really unique sessions, as I combine some of the neuroscience informed building resilience content into these sessions. So alongside traditional mindfulness practice there will be some learning around resilience building, as well as a little movement and breathwork.

Sessions have been delivered in wide ranging settings, from counselling services to marketing companies, please be in touch if you’d like to discuss some unique mindfulness sessions for your staff.

Feedback from staff at recent in house mindfulness sessions:

“Jessica has a really calming presence and made us all feel comfortable in what could be quite a strange situation with colleagues”

“It was interesting to find out exactly what mindfulness is and some of the science behind it. It was incredibly relatable and really made me think about small things I can do to bring myself back to the present moment throughout the day”

“Lovely session! As someone who practices mindfulness I was still reminded not to judge and I just really enjoyed the session”

“I found Jessica to be comforting, knowledgeable and informative”

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss having a workshop or mindfulness session for your staff, service users or clients.

For more details of my work please see the ‘About me’ section of the website or check out my LinkedIn page.

You can also read my blog articles here

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