Free resources for building resilience in a stressful world

I will be updating this list of free, donation based or low cost resources on a regular basis, so check back in.

FREE Esther Eckhart is offering 12 free yoga and meditation classes designed to help with stress and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 virus. Click here

FREE Palouse Mindfulness offers free MBSR online training course. Click here

FREE Lisa Petersen is offering you the gift of two different classes per week for the foreseeable future: one pre-recorded practice and one live class. Send her an email to  with the header ‘Please send me free Yoga, meditation and Somatics classes’ and she will respond.

FREE Extinction Rebellion have launched their response to the crisis called AloneTogether – Regenerative Rebellion in the Time of Coronavirus. You’ll find access to 1-2-1 support options, wellbeing tips plus a programme of online events including webinars, trainings, workshops and listening spaces. Click here

FREE AND DONATIONS West London Buddhist centre Runs much of its weekly offering for meditation, mindfulness, qi gong and Feldenkrais classes online. Click here

CONCESSIONS FOR KEY-WORKERS AND THOSE AFFECTED BY CORONA Sophie Ardhitti Online Feldenkrais classes Email:

FREE Simon Hoten offers a weekly online meditation and mindful breathing session every Monday from 7pm – 7.45pm. Register here

FREE Gaby Bernstein Online Anxiety relief workshop. Click here

FREE Joan Borysenko self care resource from world renowned expert on stress, spirituality, and the mind/body connection. Click here for her video and blog post on Taking the Fear Out of Coronavirus

FREE Daily meditations Click here

FREE Audio and Video meditations by Tara Brach Click here

FREE Alcoholics Anonymous London online meetings overview. Click here

LOW COST WITH CONCESSIONS FOR KEY WORKERS AND THOSE AFFECTED BY CORONA MOVING PIECES Online Feldenkrais classes. Click here for more info and email if you are interested and for concessions


Symptoms as Messengers by Anne Douglas

Meeting Your Emotions by Jill C. Peterson

Opposites and Breath by James Reeves

Falling Awake The Art of Yoga Nidra by Sam Loe

Self as Awareness by Leigh Blashki


Tips for managing mental health during Coronavirus for people with Autism Click here

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