Mindful Mentoring

What is Mindful Mentoring? This is a one to one space, where a wide range of mindful and other neuroscience informed practices are developed with you. You may be looking to explore how these kinds of practices can aid your mental health, to explore deepening your current meditation practice, to start a new mindful wellbeing journey, or to find practices that are personalised for where you and what you’re facing right now.

I will work with you to find what is most suitable and effective for you. You may be looking to reduce anxiety or manage stress differently, you may have felt traditional mindfulness practise didn’t suit you, perhaps an overly busy or stressed mind, past experiences of trauma, neurodivergence, physical ill health amongst other things can leave many of us feeling, overwhelmed, confused or just not getting anything out of traditional meditation and mindfulness. This space is for everyone and it is not the same as anything you’ve tried before.

So many meditation and mindfulness practices ask us to sit still, be silent, have our eyes open, the language can feel inaccessible and the spaces can feel really exclusive. My hope is to offer a space that is more accessible, less prescriptive and more inclusive.

Your nervous system, your brain, past experiences and how you are on the day we meet will all inform what tools and ideas we’ll explore.

All the meditation, mindful movement and mindful breathwork I use will be adapted to you and your needs, they are informed and inspired by the latest ideas and research in neuroscience, as well by Buddhist, somatic, EFT, yoga, feldenkrais and qi gong concepts. If you’re interested in finding out how to incorporate these and other neuroscience informed ideas into your professional practice please see here.

Sessions can be led by how you you are feeling on the day, or by a theme that we have agreed on. We can explore any areas you might be struggling with, such as anxiety reduction, stress or anger management, self care, easing feelings of disconnection or just start a new meditation journey. Everything that is taught is adapted and made accessible, fun and easy. The sessions are trauma sensitive, neurodivergent, disability and mental health aware.

Meditation and all the mindful tools and hacks I use, can be gentle and effective ways to improve our relationship to ourself, to others and to the world around us, becoming more engaged, responsive, and less reactive. Understanding how stress, trauma and other difficult emotional states can play out in our bodies and brains, can be really helpful in normalising and responding with kindness to the aspects of our life, our loved ones and the increasingly changing world we are all trying to come to terms with being a part of.

Some concepts and training that inform my work are: My training in Integrative Psychotherapy, Buddhist meditations and teachings, wide ranging mindfulness techniques including Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, other therapeutic tools such as EFT, EMDR, Polyvagal Theory, somatic and body based work like Qi Gong, Hatha and restorative Yoga, Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Movement as well as Pranayama, Neuroscience Informed Breathwork, Sensory Processing and Trauma Informed Recovery.

Sessions happen via zoom, fortnightly or monthly is often a useful measure of regularity, although more often or less is also welcome. Contact me to book a session or ask any questions.

Sessions include a wide range of mindful practices such as:

Breathing – Neuroscience informed, I teach a range of breathing techniques that can aid in managing anxiety, reduce stress levels, interrupt overthinking, shut down and disconnection.

My experience of breathwork is varied, from yoga pranayama, Wim Hof, trauma focused, vagus/nervous system strengthening, anxiety and stress resilience and reduction techniques and many more. Mindful breathing is way to bring our attention to how we breath and what it might be able to tell us of what we need right now.

Meditation – I teach meditation in ways I hope will feel really accessible, easy to incorporate into your everyday life, with realistic and simple tools to develop mindful and self-compassionate skill. Many people say they “cant do mindfulness”, I believe this is often due to the way they are trying to learn it. I offer a personalised approach, that is informed by years of working as a psychotherapist and teacher as well as by neuroscience and somatic concepts.

Meditation is known to aid with anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues ++ it allows us to develop a greater capacity to notice and respond to our own and others emotions in compassionate and less reactive ways. Meditation can aid our insight into who we are, how and why we respond and perceive as we do, allowing for change, growth and ease to develop.

Mindful Movement – based on neuroscience research, I teach simple movements that when practiced regularly can aid in improving stress/anxiety reduction and resilience, develop some strength and ease in your nervous system allowing for greater capacity to respond thoughtfully and with care to the events of our lives. Moment is known to aid meditation for many people, especially where high stress states, trauma, neurodivergence or other differences or difficulties may mean being in stillness is inaccessible.

EFT – a type of therapeutic tapping that works with points on the body where many nerve endings meet, sometimes combined with an approach similar to CBT.

Info: You can book a free 15 minute chat to see if the sessions might be a fit for you, or please do email with any questions you have. All sessions are online via zoom and the fee per session is between €20 to €120 dependent on what you are able to afford.

Contact me here to book a chat, a full session or to ask any quesitons.

I am happy for you to make a Dana payment, a donation/offering of what you are able to afford, for each session, this is done via Paypal, if you prefer to make payment directly into a bank account please let me know.

For more details see here

Workshops – If one to one sessions aren’t right for you right now, please do sign up to my newsletter to find out about any up coming online trainings or workshops I’ll be offering. These will be offered online and on a pay as you can afford basis.


“A really interesting workshop and feels like an exciting and innovative approach. I’ve actually been thrown out of a yoga class for making noise and find the prescriptive breathing techniques actually make me panic. So, it was great to access mindfulness another way, thank you!” – Bruford College, Student

“The choices given to enable me to access the exercises made me feel less conflicted and allowed me to feel it wasn’t a demand but my own choice. I liked being given so many different options in the way I focused on my chest for instance. Another difficulty that I have experienced in the past was exactly what you said about having to sit still, the bouncing and pressing my feet down helped me still feel in touch with myself whilst not struggling against myself” Bruford College – Student

“Jessica explained complex ideas very accessibly. The exercises were easy to follow and kept me engaged throughout the whole class. I am familiar with meditation and tried a few techniques but everything I learnt today was brand new and exciting. I look forward to attending more sessions.” Natalia Millman – Artist

For more information have a look a the FAQ page or contact me to book a session or with any questions.

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