One to One

One to one sessions offer a very personalised space. All the mindfulness, movement and breathwork tools taught will be personalised for you. We can work on areas such as anxiety reduction, stress or anger management, self care, easing feelings of disconnection or freeze states. Or maybe you’d just like to come along and see what can be possible for you and your well being. I teach techniques that practiced regularly can aid in better general well-being, so you can take charge of your own day to day state of mind and body.

I am able to respond to your level of experience in mediation and mindfulness as well as what you’d like to gain. I wont impose length or types of meditation that do not serve you well.

I will always interject little pieces of information about the neurobiology of the tools I teach, of anxiety and other stress states, so that learning is an integral and empowering part of the sessions.

Breathing – Neuroscience informed, I teach a range of breathing techniques that can aid in managing anxiety, reduce stress levels, interrupt overthinking, shut down and disconnection. When practiced regularly, breathwork can improve overall health and our nervous system’s health, so we can better manage stress and live our full potential.

Breathing is the remote control to the brain, changing how you breath is the quickest way to change your state of mind.

My experience of breathwork is varied, from yoga pranayama, Wim Hof, trauma focused, anxiety management techniques and many more.

Mindfulness – I teach mindfulness in ways I hope will feel really accessible, easy to incorporate into your everyday life, with realistic and simple tools to develop mindful and self-compassionate skill. Many people say they “cant do mindfulness”, I believe this is often due to the way they are trying to learn it. I offer a personalised approach, that is informed by years of working as a psychotherapist and teacher.

Mindfulness is simply being present, in this moment, with as little judgment and as much compassion as possible. Using both my learning as mindfulness teacher as well as movement and breathwork, I can aid you in developing mindful tools that work for you.

Movement – based on neuroscience research, I teach simple movements that when practiced regularly can aid in improving stress levels, reduce anxiety and develop some strength and ease in your nervous system.

Types of movement work I am informed by: Hatha and Yin yoga, Somatic movement, Qigong, Feldenkrais ++

Sessions – Each session will involve a brief check in, where you can let me know how you’re doing and what you’d like to gain from the session. This could be to feel less anxious, more grounded and present, to release pent up agitation. Every session will be responsive to you and what you’d like to gain. For more information have a look a the FAQ page or email me with any questions.